February 5

7:08am – Broken seat. Can’t recline.

However, I need to mention the best part of my commute – the morning bus driver Tuesdays through Fridays. He recognizes everyone and is kind. If you’re running late and he sees you he’ll hold the bus. It makes a difference to have a kind spirit on your side, and feels like maybe the deck isn’t totally stacked against you. I’m so grateful for him!

7:52am – Woman getting off the bus in front of me actually complains to the driver that he said there weren’t any seats when she got on, but there was one. This is not a problem lady, don’t be rude!

Door to door commute time this morning – 1 hour 5 minutes.

February 4

7:11am – Broken seat. Less broken than the entire row of broken seats on the bus in front of me. As comical as it is to watch 3 different people sit and fall back, this isn’t right. It shouldn’t be so hard to keep a fully working bus in operation.

5:21pm – Who would have guessed ten cans of tomatoes, a bag of avocados, and a container of tea would be so heavy? Half a mile to the bus from work, and another half a mile home. This is my beach body training.

5:35pm – Bus is now beeping and lights are flashing on and off while we crawl through traffic.

5:37pm – Our bus has stopped beeping at us. Passed by two ambulances on the right – I hope everyone is ok!

6:02pm – Moving again. Just got woken from my bus nap being bumped by a gentleman getting off the bus who felt free to whack everyone with his bag and coat as be walked down the aisle. Also, bus is beeping and flashing again and driver has gotten off and on to fix it.

6:15pm – Home. Door to door, 1 hour and 15 minutes. Door to door this morning, 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Total commuting time so far this week: 2 hours and 30 minutes.

February 1

5:55pm – I’m never going to be off this bus. I can’t sleep because the person next to me is in my space and the person across the aisle is reading a real book like a savage – serious glare bouncing off her book is not helping my headache.